Go to Theme Options – Appearance – Property List Type for Advanced Search – STANDARD and save.


The results page will have these sort / list options included:


Live example url: http://miami.wpestatetheme.org/advanced-search/?filter_search_action%5B%5D=&filter_search_type%5B%5D=&advanced_city=&advanced_area=&advanced_rooms=&advanced_bath=&price_low=&price_max=&submit=SEARCHttp://demo1.wpresidence.net/advanced-search/?adv_location=&filter_search_type%5B%5D=&filter_search_action%5B%5D=&is2=1&submit=SEARCH+PROPERTIES

This page header can be set to Google Maps or Rev Slider or Image or NONE from edit page – select header type settings. From this section you can set Transparent header and Float search form