General Notes:

Recent items shortcode is used for Properties and for Articles. Only some options apply to articles.
The Shortcode requires to set at least 4 properties (if you user the 3 column style list) or 5 properties (for 4 column style list)

How to access the shortcode

The shortcode can be used from Visual Composer editor or from WordPress editor. It’s easier to set all the settings with Visual Composer.

In the shortcode you can also select:

How many properties/articles (minimum 4)




For Properties you can specify Category Id(s), Action Id(s), Area Id(s), City Id(s) or County/State ID in any combination you wish:


How to know what IDs to show

Install Reveal IDs plugin

Get the IDs from the Categories list

Other options

The shortcode allows you to show only featured properties (YES) or all properties (NO)


You can select if you wish to show featured listings first. If you choose no, then properties will list by first publish date. If you choose yes, you will have featured properties first and by first publish date next.


For the slider you can set the auto-scrolling period. If 0 – the slider will change only with the arrows.


Recent Item Slider for Articles

For Recent Articles, you can specify Category ID(s) and list blog posts only from those category(s)

You can choose how many posts to show.