You must follow all these steps:

a. In all your taxonomy translation follow this rule – Titles must match slugs.  Edit slugs from Category – Edit Category if WPMl doesn’t allow you to edit the slugs from their settings.

b. Add Pins to action + category combination in every language. Switch language from top bar. Add pins in every language. Save.

Pin Management – Theme Options

c. If you use Read From File YES

2. Go via FTP to wpcontent/themes/wpestate/pins.txt

3. Rename pins.txt to pins-en.txt for English

4. Create new pins.txt files for each language you have. Like pins-de.txt (German) where de is replaced with language code, and so on.

5. Go to Theme Options – Generate Pins. Click Generate Pins in every language.

6. Make sure you translate the Advanced Search Results page in every language.