From Theme Options  – General Design Settings you can control the following:

Main Grid Width in px

The entire grid will change in front end, except the half map style page which is by default 100% width because of the special page content/design.



Content  Width (by default we use 1/3 (widget) + 2/3 content).

NOTE: Use this setting only if you plan to have a sidebar on every page/post in the site. If not, leave blank and use default theme grid. 


Header Height and Border Bottom Header Height

You can change the height of the header and of the border

Sticky Header height and Border Bottom Sticky Header Height


You can change the height of the sticky header and the border for sticky header.

The sticky header is the one that appears after you scroll the page.

Header Border Bottom Color and Sticky Header Border Bottom Color

From these sections you can set the colors for the borders and header for main and sticky.

From general design settings you can now control the padding and  color of the content area.


These controls work for property post, agent post and blog post content:


From this area you globally disable or enable breadcrumbs throughout the entire site: