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How to add MailChimp form

Install MailChimp for WordPress plugin   Connect the plugin to your mailchimp account Create your lists in Mailchimp Create a form and select the list Edit the form and Add the form with the shortcode We use this form html for our form from demo mailchimp Replace the form in the shortcode example from demo […]

Emails are not sending-only for Blue Host

If you are a Blue Hosting client and your emails are not sending, please follow the below steps. From other clients experience with Blue Host, this hosting has serveral specific mail requirements. For some clients making sure the sender email is registered with them. From a recent experience with another client at Blue Host, he had […]

Remove advanced search only from homepage

You can remove the advanced search only from homepage with a custom css class. Below example is to remove search type 5 only from home, but this can be adapted to all search types Search type 2: .home #search_wrapper.search_wr_2 { display: none; } Add the css in theme options – design – custom colors – […]

How to change mobile header height and logo size

To increase header height use this css code into theme options -> design -> custom css code .(or add in your style.css ) .mobile_header { height: 75px; } Change “70” value in the code with your own value. To increase mobile logo height use this css .mobile-logo img{ max-height: 55px; } Change “70” value in […]

Can I activate Visual Composer to use their Template Directory?

I am afraid this is not possible. I will explain why. As authors who wish to offer Visual Composer plugin included in our theme, we purchased an extended license from Visual Composer. This is a single license code that can be used only to offer the plugin Visual Composer in our theme as included. The extended […]

My Location / Geolocation button functionality

Google API changed the rules in June 2016. Staring this date the geolocation from Google will work only over https sites. For that reason starting version 1.16 WP Residence uses as source for geolocation info over http the with API, and for https sites Google Maps Geolocation API. For clients who use https for […]

Zoom in Advanced Search Results page, Properties List page and Taxonomy page.

These pages: advanced search results, properties list, taxonomies pages behave differently if google maps is set as header option. On these pages the map pins and properties in list are in sync. For this feature the map will change automatically the zoom to display all the pins from list in the map view.  Because of this the […]

Multi currency – how does it work

The Multi Currency feature is a function that converts the original price into a new value based on the currency a user has selected. The theme has 1 main currency and 1 price per property only. There is no option to have different prices for each property( like price in Euro and price in USD). […]

Remove infobox on property page map

Question : How to remove infobox on property page map Answer: Solution 1 If the map is embed in the picture slider Please go into google_map_code_listings.js and remove line 115 google.maps.event.trigger(gmarkers[found_id], ‘click’);   If not go into mapfunctions,js at lie 185 and remove google.maps.event.trigger(gmarkers_sh[0], ‘click’); Solution 2 Use below CSS: .single-estate_property .info_details { display: none; }

Message Google Maps Settings: the file does NOT exist or is NOT writable

Situation 1: If you use a multi-language plugin, you must make sure pins.txt name is re-named according to below instructions. 2. Go via FTP to wpcontent/themes/wpestate/pins.txt 3. Rename pins.txt to pins-en.txt for English 4. Create new pins.txt files for each language you have. Like pins-de.txt (German) where de is replaced with language code, and so […]