1. Mandatory Setup Instructions

The link you followed has expired

If you get this error on theme installation The link you followed has expired Check the following: Check you’re doing the correct installation – https://helpv4.wpestatetheme.org/article/theme-installation/ Check server requirements are met, and especially the max upload size – https://helpv4.wpestatetheme.org/article/theme-wordpress-server-requirements/ The max upload size can be solved only by hosting. So please contact them to make the change. A […]

How to activate your purchase with your buyer license code

You must do this only once when you install WpEstate theme. How to take your buyer license code: Login in Theme Forest with your buyer account -> Downloads: Go to your purchase and select License Certificate and Purchase Code Copy the buyer code from the text file How to activate the purchase with your buyer […]

Theme WordPress / Server requirements

CONTENT Before Installation WordPress Requirements Theme Requirements Check hosting Limits There are specific requirements that the theme needs in order to work. Before you install the theme Please be sure you do all the items below, which must be complete before installing any WordPress theme. Choose a hosting company. Choose a hosting dedicated for WordPress […]


IMPORTANT: Your server must have at least PHP 5.5 for the theme to work and you need at least 48MB upload size to add the theme via wp-admin. Check your PHP version and maxim upload size with this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-php-info/ and contact hosting to update PHP version if it’s not at least 5.5 and to increase […]