IMPORTANT: WpEstate 4.0 is not 100% compatible with the older theme version (3.07 or older). Rental Module has been removed entirely and cannot be used starting 4.0 update. Pages with custom shortcodes will need to be redone with the new shortcodes available and Visual Composer, features and amenities may have to be re-saved for old properties, new theme options are available and have to be set in the new settings interface. Version 3.07 stays in the purchase package and we continue to offer support for all 3.07 existing features. For theme support (3.07 or 4.0) please contact us at


These have to be redone

Column shortcodes have been removed and replaced with Visual Composer shortcodes (column/rows)

Some new shortcodes have been added to the theme options and you can use those as well


Install regenerate thumb plugin to re-create the thumbs used in the new design.

Save footer menu


Custom page templates

Edit page templates again and assign the template: Agent List, Blog List, Properties List, Contact.


Edit and save each property to get the new options: new slider, agent on sidebar, sidebar options