1. The filters on this page apply for ALL properties.

2.  If you select multiple categories in Advanced Options, the map by default will sync only with the first category (the one that shows in filters by default).

3. MULTIPLE category selection of the same type works only for PARENT categories.  Make sure you select multiple categories that DON’T have child categories set.

4. Make sure your categories are added correctly (titles match slugs)

You select the number of properties listed on one page in Admin – Theme Options – Appearance.



Create a property list standard page in 2 steps:

Step 1: Select Template

Step 2:
Save Properties List Advanced Options:


In v1.11 we added new sort filter options for this page. These filters are listing in Admin (you can set default sort) and in front end:

Starting v 1.11, the filters results sync with the map pins:


Starting theme version 1.18 – you can add content below properties:


You need to add content/shortcodes in the original area.

Copy the code in text mode

Paste the code in the Property List Advanced Options section

To read about Properties List Half Map page go here –