NOTE: If you don’t need the┬ápages with My Properties, My Properties Search, Submit Property Or Invoices in User Dashboard simply delete them from Admin – Pages.

How to Create Terms and Conditions Page

People will need to agree to TERMS AND CONDITIONS before register.

To use the User Dashboard, you must create the user dashboard pages, by following the below steps:

How to Create My Profile page

How to Create My Properties page

How to Create My Properties Search Page

search 1

my properties search 2

How to Create Add Property submission form

Front End Submission can have google maps auto-complete for address or you can use the classic dropdowns. This option is controlled from General Settings starting v 1.08

How Front End Submission Fields work in User Dashboard (with no auto-complete)

How the submission will look if you have the auto-complete enabled

Video Tutorial:

Address, City, Area, State, Zip – now auto-fill with Google Maps Address

New in 1.06 – Add PDF in Front End Submission

Video Tutorial – Add PDF

New in 1.06 – Add Floor Plans – Video Tutorial – Add Floor Plan

How Front End Floor Plan works in User Dashboard

This is how floor plans look in front end

My Invoices – New in v 1.11

My Invoices is the page that will list all invoices issued for that username: Membership (if membership is enabled and user buys a paid package) or Paid Listing invoices (if Paid Listing is enabled). This is only for information purposes – for user to know what he paid and when.

To have this page you must created in admin – pages – Add new with the custom page template as in below screenshot:

The page in user dashboard will look like this: