You can translate WPEstate WordPress theme in any language with POEdit. To use this module follow these steps:

  • 1. Download and install POEditUse the free version.

  • 2. With POedit open the file wpestate.po located in languages folder.

  • 3. Translate the file using poedit and save the file with the proper name (for example de_DE.po). If the file name is not right the translation will not work. See this link for the proper name.

  • 4. Upload the .po and . mo files in wp-content/themes/wpestate/languages/ folder You should have now wpestate.po, + your new language po and mo.  Also, you need to check if the language file has the correct name – help here:

  • 5. Install WordPress in your language –
  • 6. After all these steps go in Admin – General Settings and you should see a drop-down with Languages. This is where you will find the languages available based on what you did in step 1. Select your language and that should be all.

Get translations from our clients

Download all files and documentation from your buyer account on theme forest

Unzip the folder.

Copy the language files you wish from this folder to wpresidence/languages (or to child theme) –



a. For Property Details, Property Features, Property Address

These labels are managed from Admin – Theme Options – Listing labels.

b. For Property Features & Amenities –

Please go and edit them in Admin – Theme Options – Listing Custom Fields

c. For Property Fields – custom fields –

NOTE: Some default properties fields are managed from POEDIT (Address fields, Bedrooms, Rooms, Bathrooms, Size, Property Size). The rest are managed from admin.


d. For Advanced Search labels – custom fields,

Managed from Options – Advanced Search

Note 1: If you don’t have custom advanced search enabled, all fields are translated in POEDIT.

Note 2: Dropdowns (All Cities, All Areas, All Types, All Listings – are managed only from POEDIT).


You can use Loco Translate to translate the theme to your own language from wp-admin.

How to rename theme words with Loco Translate


HOW TO UPDATE THE .PO TRANSLATION after a theme update

When a new theme version is released/updated, the translation .po must be updated as well to find the new terms.

Step #1

Open up your existing language PO file with Poedit software.


Step #2

Go to Catalog and select Update from POT file


Step #3

First, change the file type option to All Files, then select the new wpresidence.po PO file from latest theme update folder

Step #4 (OPTIONAL)

Next, you’ll see a mini box which includes all the new strings as well as obsolete string from the new PO file. Proceed by clicking the ok button.

Step #5

Once the import is completed, all the new string from the new PO file will be added and your existing (translated) string will remain intact as well.


Step #6

Finally, proceed to translate all the new string into your preferred language. Save. Move the updated .po and .mo language file back to wpestate/languages or to child theme languages folder.