Theme Options

Logos & Favicon Settings Updated

In the default design the logo must have maximum height 70 px and the sticky logo must have maximum height 60px. If you wish to change header height to set a larger logo, see these options: Standard Logo and favicon upload settings can be found in Theme Options – General – Logos & Favicon. What […]

Change Permalinks text. Change Property Links. Change Agents Links.

You can manage the links of properties and agents from theme options. You cannot use special characters like “&”. After changing the url you may need to wait for a few minutes until wordpress changes all the urls. You cannot change the structure of the URL to include different elements. This just re-names the existing […]

Google Maps Settings: How read from file works

Read from file for Google Maps pins is a feature that helps improve site speed for more than 200 properties on the map. How it works: Set the option to YES in Theme Options – Google Maps settings. With this option set to YES – the following settings apply: a. Pins.txt file inside the theme […]

How to add a membership package manually to a registered subscriber from admin

NOTE: The expiration will apply and properties will expired on due date IF you set the action date in the correct format: EX: 2014-12-31 10:05:44 An email will be received by the user with 3 days before the package will expire. You can assign a package from Users – Edit User (see the attachments). Find […]

Features and Amenities – Theme Options

The Features & Amenities can be managed from Theme Options – General – Features & Amenities. You can add any features you wish in here. You can select if you wish to leave un-checked features and amenities show on properties page or not from the same settings area. How to select features for a specific […]

Advanced Search custom fields setup

First you need to enable custom fields: To set how many fields to show (works ONLY with custom fields YES) To enable Tabs in Search and select what Tabs categories to display you must first enable Type 6, 7 8 or 9. Check this help for details – 1. Category Taxonomies (City, Area, State, Type, […]

Search Type 2

How to set type 2: How Search type 2 works: The search type 2 contains: -one autocomplete field-When selected-default fields are auto-complete from State, Cities,Areas (available in admin) -All type dropdown -All actions dropdown. NOTES ABOUT SEARCH TYPE 2: – The quick search does not work with pins search over map when selecting search options. […]

Advanced Search Settings – Theme Options

Advanced Search type Change the search type (each type has different options) Save Search Users will be prompted to login/register to save search after doing a search to save and get notifications for that query.      


If you wish to add custom fields, you can do that from Theme Options – General – Custom fields. Please see below the options for what type of custom fields you can add: text, number, date or dropdown types. Custom fields will show on property page – under Property Details, after default fields.  


Decide from the beginning if you want to have PAID submission or Membership Packages. Decide from the beginning what are the free membership listings included and number of featured included. Each new account gets a free MEMBERSHIP at registration, with free listings included and free featured listings set by Admin. If you change this limit, change […]